Get a youthful glow with a non-surgical facelift
If you're looking for a natural way to reduce your under eye bags, erase fine lines, and minimize your wrinkles to gain back your youthful beauty, contact ACU-GLOW. With 25 years of experience and a dedication to healthy skin, our staff is here to help.

Gentle skin care for younger-looking skin

Our skin care regimen was specifically developed by Charles Peri, a traditional Chinese medicine physician, to combine the Asian art of acupuncture with his exclusive herbal skin care formulations.

Non-invasive skin care

Instead of choosing Botox® or surgery, choose ACU-GLOW. It will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and encourage cellular metabolism for a smoother and toned skin.

If you need to remove puffiness and dark circles from around your eyes, our ACU-GLOW treatments will provide new vitality to your face.

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20 years of high-quality skin care

For 20 years, we've been finding natural ways for you to maximize your inherent beauty and glow.
Combining facial rejuvenation and acupuncture techniques, you'll get beautiful skin in no time. Contact us today.

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